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A kennel cut is a shorter hair cut of the entire body and legs.  It includes a bath, a gentle blow dry, brush and comb.The ears are cleaned and the nails clipped. This is a perfect low maintenance groom that works well for many breeds of dogs and clients

Starting at $60

Nail Dremel      $20



Nail Trim        Starting at $10

Walk-in service

A teddy bear cut is a longer scissored cut that gives your dog a longer and fluffier look. The hair around your dogs head and face is cut to create the round effect. This is an adorable option for many breeds.

Starting at $70

 Dog and Cat Grooming Services in Okotoks

The cat bath and comb out includes a gentle bath and comb out. We also perform de-shedding techniques. We also include cleaning of the ears, eyes and a nail trim. This keeps you cat looking and feeling its best while reducing dander, shedding, matting and furballs.

Starting at $65

A bath and tidy includes a bath, a gentle blow dry, brush and comb. We also include a sanitary trim around the groin area, clean up of the paws and around the face and eyes. The ears are cleaned and the nails clipped. This extends your full groom while helping to prevent matting.

Starting at $28

Long haired cats love this cut. The look is created by shaving the body, belly, legs and tails of the cat. The hair is left long on the head and ruff, the bottom part of the legs are left longer and  a puff is left on the end of the tail.  This is a great way to to remove matted fur while still leaving some hair for style. It is also great for the cat that sheds or has problems with hairballs.

Starting at $75

Teeth Brushing        $15

For Sedation Free Teeth Cleaning please visit

Canine Teeth Cleaning


Ear Cleaning        $12



Luxuria Pet Spa provides a full range of All Breed dog and cat grooming to suit yours and your pet’s needs and at short 1 ½ - 2 hr appointments.  We have National Certified dog groomers for all your dog grooming needs in Okotoks.

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